Anonymous said: I'm sure you've been told this but regardless of whether or not the hate is justified doesn't mean cisphobia doesn't exist right? You can have justified cisphobia. To say otherwise would be saying "Hate against Cis people doesn't exist, because they deserve the Hate" Well its obviously still hate... soo... still cisphobic. For example, If I hate spiders because I was nearly killed by a spider bite as a child, I may have a justified hate of spiders and that is called ArachnoPhobia. Understand?

that’s not what “cisphobia” would be though.

if we’re taking it in terms of equating “cisphobia” to transphobia, cisphobia doesn’t exist. transphobia isn’t simply the act of someone hating trans people.

the reason transphobia exists is because of the power cisgender people have over trans people and the way society and cisgender people as an entirety make the daily lives of trans people more difficult and dangerous.

transgender people aren’t capable of holding power over cisgender people (as a whole—trans people with other areas of privilege, such as being white, can and do hold power over others with less privilege [poc in this example]).

but the issue of transphobia is much more complicated than just “hating trans people.” it’s the othering of trans people, the implication that cis people are normal, and much of transphobia and transmisogyny has to do with the demonization of femininity.

but trying to simplify the issues of cissexism, transphobia, and transmisogyny to just “the act of hating trans people” is insulting, which is exactly why cisphobia doesn’t exist.

because by calling it “cisphobia” in the first place, you’re implying that transphobia is simply the act of being mean to trans people, hating them, and/or being afraid of them, which is again, not only untrue, but borderline offensive.

so to answer your question, yes, i see where you’re coming from, but no, cisphobia doesn’t exist. does personal discrimination against cis people exist? yea, sometimes. either way, it’s still justified, but it’s not “cisphobia.”

Anonymous said: I support the fact that you run this blog to give trans people a place to vent out their frustrations. That is absolutely necessary. As a cis woman of color (I'm Iranian), I understand (to a VERY SMALL degree- obviously I have not faced the same oppression that trans people have) the need to vent about people who are considered the "default" because of various reasons. However, not to patronize you, please remember that some of us are your allies, and are in full support of your community.

yea i know—cis people followed this blog and supported it, too

Anonymous said: This cis girl with a self harm blog got attacked for being cis. They told her that it's funny that she cuts just because she is cis. So fuck you for saying cisphobia isn't a real problem on Tumblr.

yea that’s ableism

nice try though

Anonymous said: I read her post over and over and I can't see where she said lesbians were more oppressed? The only thing I can see is the "more significant" part but that honestly seems like she's just saying it's more significant to her as a lesbian, not that it's more significant in general.

As a lesbian, I face a lot of oppression because of the fact that I don’t like men. As a lesbian, I face a lot of oppression because of the fact that I don’t like men. Yeah, it’s also because I like women, but in my experience the former tends to be more significant…”

within the context this is literally just “i face so much oppression because i don’t like men—only part of it is because i like women” which kind of implies that bisexuals who like men have it easier bc of the whole “liking men” thing

and the entire answer ignores the fact that bisexual women are not always attracted to men, they still face shit like being hit on by men they aren’t attracted to and facing violence for rejecting them (or you know…misogyny…which is most of what this complaint deals with…and women do experience misogyny—all women…), and this little fact: “46.1% of [bisexual women] had experienced rape at some point, compared with 13.1% of lesbian women and 14.7% of straight women.”

but yea bisexual women clearly don’t understand how backlash from denying men feels

Anon: Claire’s a biphobe ontop of a trans misogynist, no one surprised. Honestly she should just shut the hell up with her ‘I’M A MOGII ACTIVIST’ because she only cares about lesbians and trans people who suck up to her enough.

(i coped + pasted bc I don’t want her url on my blog, and it’s not on her personal, it’s on her “”“”“”sj”“”“”” blog)

did she literally just say that it’s ok for lesbians not to date bisexual women because bisexual women have more privilege so they don’t understand the struggles of lesbians


is this a joke

am i being punked

w h at

Anonymous said: is it bad for nb people to use the "b" word because they're not female?



DFAB nb people can use it. the “b” word is used against women and people who are dfab, so those are people who get to reclaim the slur. :)


well, so much for this blog being a good one

ay reb—no to that. i know i’m on this blog, but that’s—no. only women are allowed to claim that word as their own. this can mean cis women, trans women, demigirls, people who partially identify as women, but not just dfab people in general.

Anonymous said: Ew cis people why are they here why do they not understand


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